Pondering the Bot

Croped Robot canstockphoto8319620 copy

Robots are now doing surgery and 3-D printing new organs and tissue.  In the not to distant future these robots may be able to change from solid to squishy in order to squeeze through the smallest blood vessels.  Even microscopic ‘Nano-robots’ may be circulating  in our bodies to hunt down cancer cells and destroy them.

And let us not forget the more outdoors-oriented Bots like Robotic Bees that could change the face of agriculture.

robotic bees

Then again every Bot needs a break, so in their time off will they be indulging in making music, painting, or other creative pursuits?

Looks like the Bots are here to stay as helpers to make our lives better.  Or . . . have they already become our overlords?

I’m sure there is nothing to worry about, right?

9 robots that enslaved us

Sleep Well, Folks

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