About L.K.

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Lillian Kay Union’s lifelong love of adventure tales and the exotic have often produced story lines and characters that begged to come to life. Finally having controlled her obsession to read every how-to book on writing, she has shackeled herself to the keyboard long enough to produce her first romantic sci-fi adventure Thunder Paper Echoes.

Lilly’s first job at age fifteen was in a hospital laundry which served as great motivation to get an education. In college she was an aspiring journalist, then novelist, then anthropologist, but ended up with a degree in biology as well as one in studio art. However, as fate would have it, she ended up working back in the hospital as a practicing physician. From a small town in Kansas she now lives in Chicago with her husband and a Maine Coon cat that, judging from the time it spends on the keyboard, considers itself the main writer in the family.

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