Pondering the Bot

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Robots are now doing surgery and 3-D printing new organs and tissue.  In the not to distant future these robots may be able to change from solid to squishy in order to squeeze through the smallest blood vessels.  Even microscopic ‘Nano-robots’ may be circulating  in our bodies to hunt down cancer cells and destroy them.

And let us not forget the more outdoors-oriented Bots like Robotic Bees that could change the face of agriculture. Continue reading “Pondering the Bot”

Of Mice and Men–Their Brains that is…

MouseYou, me and the little guy over there with the whiskers have a 99% similarity in our genes including the one to make a tail.

Of the 30,000 genes that we share only 300 are unique to each species making mice the mainstay of medical drug research for decades.  Most of the time a good number of similar genes are silent (thank god– that tail thing could be problematic).  The Allen Institute for Brain Science in Seattle has analyzed the active genes–the ones that send out messages to make functional proteins–verses the dormant ones producing three-dimensional maps of the brains of the two species.  Their results were published in the April issue of Scientific American.

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The Future’s Looking Good

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 Edit out those bad genes. How cool would this be!  Continue reading “The Future’s Looking Good”